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Find the thing that makes

the difference

What matters in your work and your life? What is it about?

Are you wanting to change or renew something in the way you live or work or lead yourself and others?

Are you a manager and looking for someone to support a person in your team?

Are you a coach and seeking to develop your professional skills and wisdom to be the best coach you can?

Are you leading or part of a team that wants to hear each other, deepen collaboration and learn how to work and lead more effectively?

simpler wealth is simply about helping people to see and take hold of what is important for them.

Based in Cambridge in the UK, I work internationally with leaders in major organisations, with coaches, artists, entrepreneurs and people who want to connect with what is important and achieve significant shifts in their work, in their organisations, in their lives and in the world.

I help people to understand their gifts, strengths and energies and how they can use these more effectively, to build successful relationships with people, to unlock their creativity, to connect with the world around them, and to bring out the best of who they are in how they work, live and lead.

It is about helping you to do what matters to you with freedom, enthusiasm, and ease...

simpler wealth