team coaching & training

Team Coaching and Training

Team coaching and training can transform leadership, strengthen relationships, revolutionise change management, improve collaboration and performance, and develop coaching, listening and other skills.

Working with teams I combine three different but overlapping approaches, according to what you need to gain the greatest benefit.

Facilitation – literally ‘making things easier’ – means helping people to work together more effectively on a specific and agreed task or project.

Training involves communicating new insights, and letting people experience these so they gain new awareness and new understanding.

Coaching is about helping the team to find its own answers, resources and ways forward.

My approach is to offer insights and frameworks where wanted, let you get real experience of what these might mean for you and so give you practical learning you can take away and apply in your own situation.

When I come to work with your team I want first to find out as much as possible about your organisation, the story of the team or group and the situation it finds itself in. I want to know what you and the team or group want and expect from the workshop or training and how we might best achieve this. I also want to know how people will follow up on the workshop to apply, embed and grow what they will be taking away.

Where possible I like to speak with each individual member of a team before a workshop.

All this enables us to make the day relevant, enjoyable, focussed, and of real and lasting value.

What people say

“The day we have just had was outstanding... your capacity, planning and courage were apparent and have had a great impact... the process and sense of security allowed for honest, transparent and vulnerable exchanges which have led to a deeper understanding, richer interaction and a greater willingness to hold and be held accountable while striving for high ideals and demanding objectives. You were great – personal, professional and challenging. Thank you.”

Geoff Fisher Headmaster, AIS

“I’ve worked with coaches before but feel as though you were able to bring out a new sense of leader in me, which I needed.”

Participant in leadership workshop

“Your sensitivity to others’ emotions, your subtle guidance and your approach to different activities were stellar!... Come back! Thank you!!”

Workshop participant


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