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“Patrick worked with the Leadership Team from Antwerp International School on building our sense of team, our effectiveness and our cohesion in order to build our leadership capacity as a team. Patrick was great. He prepared very thoroughly, was creative and insightful in managing the day and produced more than we had expected. We have organised for him to return.”

Geoff Fisher – Headmaster, Antwerp International School, Belgium

“I write to thank you and to congratulate you. The day we have just had was outstanding, many other things as well but you know about those. The evidence of your capacity, planning and courage were apparent and have had a great impact... the process and sense of security allowed for honest, transparent and vulnerable exchanges which have led to a deeper understanding, richer interaction and a greater willingness to hold and be held accountable while striving for high ideals and demanding objectives. You were great – personal, professional and challenging. Thank you.”

Geoff Fisher

“A HUGE THANK YOU! The two days went fantastically well from my perspective. I was delighted to have the opportunity to get the team together and to have your support and I left super-delighted and a whole lot lighter now that I can share the burden of running the team. It feels like a breakthrough moment for everyone on the team to be more than the sum of the parts and to move from standing alone to real companionship and collaboration... It’s the start of a journey but I feel like we couldn’t have had a better start and that in you, Patrick we have a great coach and huge supporter.”

Diane Tomlinson - HR Director UK & Ireland, Mondelez International

“Having worked in both corporate and charity settings with Patrick as a facilitator, I have always been impressed at his powerful blend of empathy, challenge and insight.  He has a knack for getting under the skin of issues, using his curiosity and wealth of experience to help unlock learning in the group.  He's not afraid to go deep, but also carries a lightness and fun that makes it feel very safe. His ability to both mirror, honour and support the group whilst leading for something different, makes his facilitation a worthy investment into any team looking to shift their dynamic and performance.”

Naomi Telfer - Director, Sophie Hayes Foundation, UK

“Today was all I had hoped it would be - and I am very aware that it went that way because of your planning, insight and deft interventions through our day. And not least, I really enjoyed it!”

Gail Axon - Director, HR Solutions, Mondelez, Switzerland & International

“I’ve worked with coaches before but feel as though you were able to bring out a new sense of leader in me, which I needed.”

Participant in leadership team workshop

“What I really appreciated was the way you built a connection with us really quickly. You read us rapidly and you flexed your style and where you would go with us based on your ability to read us and size us up. You were stepping into our shoes and using your intuition to go with us. It was the flexibility I noticed, and the ability to adapt on the hoof.”

Edel Conway - Director, Talent and Organisational Effectiveness, Mondelez International

“A big thanks from all of us for your help, encouragement, flexibility and challenge over the past 2 days. I particularly appreciated your ability to read the group and to go places we hadn't planned in a very calm, cool, agile way.”

Edel Conway - Director, Talent and Organisational Effectiveness, Mondelez International

How was this workshop for you?

“This was excellent as it opened up various avenues.”

What have you got from it?

“I have seen a side of my colleagues that would not have been visible on a daily basis.”

What really worked?

“The candour exercise was perfect – it was good that everyone said what they wanted to.”

What did not work so well?


How was your coach/trainer?

“Your sensitivity to others’ emotions, your subtle guidance and your approach to different activities were stellar!!”

Any other feedback?

“Come back! Thank you!!”

Participant in leadership team workshop

“It was brilliant. Really helpful. Now I know what I need to do, what I want to do to change the way I work and get to where I want to get to.”

Workshop participant

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