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“I chose Patrick as my mentor coach to support me as part of my ongoing growth and development as a coach and also as part of the ICF accreditation process. I chose him because I knew he would (and did) challenge me at a very deep level, but at the same time he held the space in which we were working with tenderness and compassion, which allowed me to explore my vulnerabilities fully. As a result the insights I gained into myself as a person and as a coach through working with Patrick were startling, profound and priceless. I find Patrick to be versatile and highly skilled – some of his beautifully crafted questions and insights literally took my breath away. It was not comfortable, there was nowhere for me to hide, but working right on my ‘edge’ in this way gave me a significant breakthrough in my personal development.”

Rachel Anderson – Personal and Executive Coach

“Patrick has been a mentor and coaching supervisor for me for some time. I have found my sessions with him extremely effective and have learnt and grown a great deal through our work together. He is wise, intuitive and warm, His care and the genuine sense that he wants the best for me (and has the seen the best in me) are palpable and have helped me build confidence in my own abilities.”

Ginny Fraser – Personal and Executive Coach

“Over the past few months Patrick has been my mentor coach, both one-to-one and in a group setting. Patrick has demonstrated genuine interest in my learning and advancement by being committed and supportive, yet challenging, and always trustworthy and caring. Through his focused approach I gained deeper insights into my strengths and areas for development, which ultimately helps me become a more effective coach. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

Anja Reichert HR Consultant and Coach

“Patrick was recommended to me by colleagues when I was looking for a mentor as part of my application for ACC accreditation. I have been impressed by his utter professionalism, ability to create rapport and deep knowledge of the coaching process. Patrick's goal was to help me be the best coach I can be. As such he was sometimes quite tough, pushing me to understand my own blocks and to model the ICF coaching competencies for my clients. I enjoyed our sessions and, looking back, realise how much I learned. Patrick helped me to improve my coaching technique and to feel confident in my ability to work constructively with any client. I would highly recommend him to others. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

Lesley Trenner – Personal Coach

“I worked with Patrick as a mentor coach as I prepared for my senior coaching diploma during 2011. He combines a great way of supporting and challenging, and has helped me get even clearer about my strengths as a coach. He also challenged me (as contracted!) to further develop my learning by addressing areas where I felt on less sure ground. I particularly valued the insights gained through exploring TA as a model. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.”

Rachael Ross – Executive Coach

“Patrick is a highly skilled Coach who uses all of his intuition and empathy to support the growth of his Client. Patrick has a detailed knowledge of the ICF competencies and stretches that a professional Coach will face as they strive to improve their own ability. Every session that I worked with Patrick proved to be enlightening, hard work and highly enjoyable.”

Paula Lewendon – Business Coach

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