What people take away

Coaching and training

Benefits from coaching and training include

  1. Relationships transformed, repaired, deepened or renewed

  2. Clarity and courage for important decisions

  3. Stronger motivation, clearer vision and sense of purpose

  4. Fresh insights, richer perspectives, new ways of seeing

  5. Greater creativity

  6. Wiser, more potent and more inspiring leadership 

  7. Richer teamwork and more effective collaboration

  8. Higher quality of work

  9. Improved efficiency and greater productivity

  10. Retention of talent

  11. Increased sales

  12. Greater satisfaction, fulfilment and enjoyment

Coach mentoring and supervision

Benefits from coach mentoring and supervision include...

  1. Developing professional skills and capabilities

  2. Deepening awareness and effectiveness

  3. Growing confidence, courage and creativity in work

  4. Wiser, safer and cleaner management of coaching

  5. Greater ease and enjoyment

  6. Professional accreditation

  7. Note: I have mentored many coaches  to ICF accreditation at ACC and PCC levels with 100% success - every coach I have sent to the ICF for assessment has passed at the first attempt.

Financial benefits

Financial gains can be difficult to measure and are rarely the most important benefits. The most significant changes may be seen and felt in other areas, and yet these will often bring material rewards...

Clients have reported significant financial benefits

  1. One client estimated a return of £4 million in 2 weeks as a result of coaching

  2. One client said “the financial value of the improvements through coaching... will run in millions of dollars...”

  3. Another client estimated a return on coaching of some £80,000 or over 2000%

  4. Other clients have gained a new job or promotion as a result of coaching, thus securing or improving their financial position

  5. Coaches have found that mentoring and supervision have helped them win work and establish new sources of income



Research into the benefits of coaching indicates significant returns on investment:

  1. A study by Harvard University found that 85% of the success achieved by top performing managers and leaders is the result of 20 skills related to emotional intelligence, all of which can be mastered with the help of coaching. (Source: Harvard Business Review, Nov 2004)

  1. A study of a Fortune 500 telecoms company conducted by MetrixGlobal found that executive coaching produced a 529% return on investment as well as “significant intangible benefits to the business”, and when the financial value of retaining key people was factored in the overall return increased to 788%. (Source: MetrixGlobal LLC)

  1. Managers in Fortune 1000 companies who received coaching estimated the financial return at an average of over $100,000, which was more than six times the average cost of the coaching, or 600% . (Source: Fortune, Feb 2001)

  1. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company examined the return on its investment of $620,000 in coaching and identified $3.2 million in measurable gains, with productivity among salespeople who had received intensive coaching rising by an average 35%. (Source: MetLife)

  1. Research by the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) concluded that “ordinary training typically increased productivity by 22% while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%”.

    (Source: IPMA, Jan 2001)

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