Supervision may overlap with mentoring but goes deeper and wider, looking at everything touching your effectiveness as a coach and enabling you to grow in wisdom, creativity and potency in your work with people.

Supervision is increasingly seen as an essential requirement for a professional coach. It can be vitally important and valuable in several ways:

  1. Supervision helps you to manage questions and challenges in and around your coaching so that the coaching remains clean, safe and effective – this is particularly important when working in organisations.

  1. It helps you to understand the psychological dynamics in and around the coaching relationship and work with these wisely and creatively.

  1. It brings fresh perspectives and insights, enabling you to see things differently and find new ways forward.

  1. It supports you and encourages you as a coach, it celebrates your successes, and helps you to see what you need, to recognise your gifts and resources and bring them to bear.

  1. It stimulates and deepens your ongoing professional reflection, learning and development, so you are better equipped and wiser in your work.

  1. It lifts the quality and impact of your coaching – organisations find that coaches with professional supervision deliver more effective coaching.

  1. It opens doors for work – supervision is a mark of your professionalism as a coach, and more and more organisations who buy coaching are making supervision a requirement for the coaches they hire.

I offer supervision in person or by phone, individually or in a group.

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What people say

“I am convinced that my coaching clients have benefitted from the supervision I have received from Patrick. I would recommend him without reservation.”

Chris Avis – Psychologist & Coach

“I find your questions really insightful and challenging, they help me to think about things in a different way. I like the way you share of your vulnerability as a coach, you are not the doctor and I am not the patient, we are both coaches in this together… You demonstrate great skill in meeting me where I’m at, you do that deeper listening... you get underneath what I’m trying to say. I’ve found that hugely helpful...”

Louise McCalmont – Consultant & Coach

"You see through things and you have this ability to cut through the smoke and get to the nuts and bolts of what needs to be done, the question that needs to be asked... The guy I'm coaching has benefitted far beyond anything I thought was possible, and there is no way the coaching would have been so successful without your input.”

Ian Stickland – HR Partner & Coach


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