The word ‘coach’ comes from the Old French coche – a means of getting from one place to a different place.

Coaching is about seeing and taking hold of what is important for you. It means becoming aware, unlocking resources, and where needed making changes. It simply involves honesty, some courage and a desire for something new or different or simply richer.

I work face-to-face, by phone or by Skype, all of which can be very effective. You may prefer face-to-face or you may find phone easier.

My approach to coaching is based in listening to you and hearing you as the person you are, treating all you say with respect and absolute confidentiality.

I combine deep care with a creative psychological understanding and practical focus, asking you to experiment with and experience what you are learning. I offer you my humanity and sense of humour, my wealth of experience, my insight and expertise as a coach, and my support, intuition and challenge.

Together we build a creative partnership, focused on discovering what really matters for you and unlocking your gifts, energy and courage to make any changes you want to make. You set the direction, we aim to help you find your own answers, and I ask you to take full responsibility for your success.

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What people say

“I’ve discovered a whole new landscape… the way I work with my managers is very different, I’ve changed one hundred per cent. To me personally it's been invaluable and the value just keeps growing…”

Laurent Marais - Region Director, Europe

...we explored things I could do which would have a huge benefit to both me personally and to the business on a national scale... Early signs show encouraging uplifts... £4 million was recorded in my network alone.”

Jason Simpson - Region Head of Mortgages, UK

“Patrick has been fundamental in helping me overcome my fears and have the confidence to challenge the status quo and ultimately change my life around. His insight has made me a far happier person and transformed my perspective for the better. I can’t thank him enough!”

Sally Davies – Senior Manager, UK


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