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What people say

“... the insights I gained into myself as a person and as a coach through working with Patrick were startling, profound and priceless.... working right on my ‘edge’ in this way gave me a significant breakthrough in my personal development.”

Rachel Anderson – Personal & Executive Coach

“Patrick has been a mentor and coaching supervisor for me for some time. I have found my sessions with him extremely effective and have learnt and grown a great deal through our work together. He is wise, intuitive and warm, His care and the genuine sense that he wants the best for me  are palpable and have helped me build confidence in my own abilities.”

Ginny Fraser – Personal & Executive Coach

“Patrick has been... committed and supportive, yet challenging, and always trustworthy and caring. Through his focused approach I gained deeper insights into my strengths and areas for development, which ultimately helps me become a more effective coach.”

Anja Reichert HR Consultant & Coach


Coach Mentoring

Coach mentoring (sometimes called mentor coaching) helps you to develop your coaching skills and awareness with the aim of becoming a better coach and gaining professional accreditation. Mentoring includes observing you at work as a coach and helping you to understand what is happening in your coaching.

It is about understanding how you work as a coach, deepening your skills and setting you on the way to becoming the best coach you can be.

Mentoring for ICF accreditation

Mentoring is usually aimed at helping you to gain or renew your professional accreditation.

I offer offer mentoring in person or by phone. As part of the mentoring process I strongly recommend that you record one or more coaching sessions which I can listen to and we can discuss together in detail. Recording, hearing and reflecting on your own coaching can be one of the most valuable things you can do to support your learning and development as a coach.

If you have any questions about mentoring please get in touch.  For details of the requirements for ICF accreditation please go to the ICF website.

Note: I have mentored many coaches to accreditation with the ICF at ACC and PCC levels with 100% success - every coach I have sent to the ICF for accreditation has passed at the first attempt

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