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What it’s about

simpler wealth is about listening, seeing what is important, and taking hold of it.

Traditional economic theory says there are 3 sources of wealth - land and natural resources, capital, and labour. The simpler wealth philosophy plays with traditional theory, sees wealth as more than material gain and suggests it is created in our relationships with:

  1. our own personal gifts, energies and resources

  2. our creativity

  3. the natural world around us

  4. other people

  5. grace (those things we cannot control and cannot achieve by our efforts)

These relationships are the source of all financial gain and also deeper and more lasting forms of wealth. They offer much more than a wealth that is static, guarded or spent. They offer opportunities to be continually creating new forms of wealth and renewing and reshaping what makes us and others rich.

simpler wealth is about 3 things

  1. seeing wealth and the sources of our wealth in terms of dynamic relationships rather than merely static material assets or commodities

  2. identifying where our ‘treasure’ is – whether we are talking about a job, a business, a personal relationship or our life and purpose – what really matters to us in this, what is most important, what makes us truly ‘rich’

  3. finding the key, the thing that makes the difference and gives access to the place where the treasure lies.

If you would like to explore this further please just get in touch…

The simpler wealth logo – a white or silver circle representing a pearl in an orange field – is inspired by the poem The Bright Field by the Welsh poet R.S.Thomas, based on a parable in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 13: 44-46).


The Bright Field

I have seen the sun break through

To illuminate a small field

For a while, and gone my way

And forgotten it. But that was the pearl

Of great price, the one field that had

The treasure in it. I realise now

That I must give all that I have

To possess it. Life is not hurrying

On to a receding future, nor hankering after

An imagined past. It is the turning

Aside like Moses to the miracle

Of the lit bush, to a brightness

That seemed as transitory as your youth

Once, but is the eternity that awaits you.